Adams 14 Education Foundation Student Dinner

February 05, 2019



Adams 14 Education Foundation hosted a dinner for the students it has awarded scholarships to over the past few years.  The hope of the Foundation is to not only help the students to earn a degree in higher education but to also equip them for the future.  Debra Bullock, owner of  Bullock Estate Services, made a presentation on etiquette in professional situations.  The discussion ranged from hand shakes and introductions to proper utensils to use at the dinner table.  

Students were given the opportunity to test their new learned skills on board members from the Foundation.  Dale Mingilton is the director of the Foundation and he feels it is very important for students to be equipped with knowledge of this type.  It is also an opportunity to meet with the students and check on their progress and studies.  As always Elemintal Photography is proud to support the Adams 14 Education Foundation.


Adams 14 Student EtiquetteAdams 14 Student Etiquette Video


The event was a big success with students and board members all learning a little more about the working together.  It is the hope of the Adams 14 Education Foundation that the students of the Adams 14 School District will be prepared for the future.