We offer photography for commercial and life events as well as portraits for the individual and families. Sought after for our swift pace while ensuring quality photos for our clients. We have been serving Colorado since 2001.

Teri_MingiltonTeri_Mingilton_PhotographerTeriMingilton Photographer and Owner of Elemintal Photography Teri Mingilton has had a camera in her hand since high school.  She continued to learn and develop her skills in college becoming a part-time landscape photographer upon graduation.  Similar to Teri, Dale bought his first camera at the Dave Cooks Sports Castle, downtown Denver, in high school.  At college he took photographs of friends and events.  Teri and Dale opened Elemintal Photography and began accepting location jobs. With requests for studio portraits, Elemintal Photography expanded to offer those services a few months later in 2001.  They continue working all over the Denver metro area as well as in other states.  Their studio is in the southeast side of Denver metro, in Aurora, Colorado.  At Elemintal Photography, they specialize in portraits for individuals and families, weddings and events.

DaleMingiltonDale_Mingilton_PhotographerDale Mingilton, Photographer and Owner of Elemintal Photography

Through the years, Teri and Dale have worked on many commercial projects and events.  Active in non-profit work, they began accepting assignments for various events.  They have photographed for Kindergarten-12th grade, YMCA, Chambers, Community College of Aurora, Colorado Mesa University, Hispanic Salutes, Hispanic Contractors of Colorado, Urban League, banks and the Better Business Bureau.  Their photographs can be seen in local newspapers, brochures as well as schedules for Community College of Aurora, Aurora Chamber, Colorado Mesa University and City of Aurora.



Addie joined Elemintal Photography assisting with various photo shoots.  She began in high school and Addie_MingiltonAddie_Mingilton_PhotographerAddie Mingilton, Photographer
continued at the University where she is majoring in Animation Film Photography and Motion Design.  She started taking photographs on location and at events in 2014.   Currently, her work involves photography and video work for Colorado Mesa University, landscape photography as well as video and photography of athletes and other clients.  She assists with the website and photo editing as needed.  She is a great addition to the team.



Angel_LopezAngel_Lopez_Nuno_PhotographerAngel Lopez Nuno, Photographer Angel is the latest addition to the team.  He is our writing genius, working on the website and social media.  He also is an avid photographer taking photographs whenever he has the opportunity.  He doesn't stop there as he also assists others as they need with their photo shoots.


In their spare time, Teri and Dale like to spend time with their kids and two dogs.  Besides engaging in various outdoor activities like hiking and biking in the Rocky Mountains, they enjoy music, movies and reading.  Traveling and road trips specifically are an excellent way to get out and photograph the country. MingiltonsMingiltons_WorkingMingiltons at work in their studio

Each contribute to make Elemintal Photography a great place to create special photographs for you.  Please call today and see what they can create for you.