Aurora Chamber Hosts Mayoral Forum

September 18, 2019

The Aurora Chamber of Commerce hosted a Mayoral Forum for the members and residents of Aurora, Colorado.  There are currently six candidates running for the position of Mayor of the city of Aurora.  As there are many issues to hear the candidates opinion, it was good to opportunity to do so.  The event was held at the Marriott Denver Airport Gateway Park.  These are the six candidates who are throwing their names into the ring.

Marsha Berzins has lived in Aurora for many years.  She currently serves on city council as the Ward III representative.  She has a B.S. in Economics and Business Administration.

Mike Coffman who served as he U.S. Representative for five terms.  At one time, he held the position of Secretary of State and later Treasurer for the State of Colorado.  He has a military background and served in the Gulf War.  He has a bachelor's degree in Political Science.

Ryan Frazier is also running for Mayor.  He served in the Navy.  His past experience includes working as a city councilman for two terms.

Tiffany Grays is another candidate running for Mayor.  She is a last minute entry.  Graduating from a local high school, she lived most her life in Aurora.  She has a bachelor's degree in information security systems.

Omar Montgomery is also a candidate for Mayor.  He participated in several boards both for the city and nonprofits around this area.  He holds a bachelor's degree in criminal Justice and master's degrees in public administration and education.

Renie Peterson is the last candidate running for Mayor.  She has served in Aurora as Ward II Councilman from 2008 to 2017.  

The event allowed each candidate to speak one minute on each of the questions asked.  At the end each was given two minutes to express why they would make a good Mayor for the city of Aurora.

MayoralForum1MayoralForum1Candidates for Mayor of Aurora MayoralForum1MayoralForum1Candidates for Mayor of Aurora