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The program begins with a retreat in which he group can bond and learn about their fellow participants.  One day a month the group attends a day class learning about various aspects of the community.

Dale and I are both graduates of the program and he is the liaison for the chamber board on this program committee.  Dale was asked to sit on a panel of three and discuss his involvement in Leadership Aurora and how he is involved in the community.  We both heartily endorse this program and hope that each participant will gain knowledge of our great city.

At the end of the retreat, Dale and I decided to stay on and enjoy the mountains and some of the city of Breckenridge. We wanted to hike and drive around some of mountain trails near the town.  We enjoyed tasting a little of the local food as well.  We started with a tasting at the Breckenridge Distillery eating some tasty appetizers as well there.  Later on, we continued on and enjoyed dinner at another local restaurant.  Last we dined on rolled ice cream at Stir Pan Creamery.  The ice cream was created right in front of our eyes.   

Best wishes to the class of 2019-2020.

Ceviche_4546CevicheBreckenridge Ceviche_4546CevicheBreckenridge Ceviche_4546CevicheBreckenridge Ceviche_4546CevicheBreckenridge Ceviche_4546CevicheBreckenridge Ceviche_4546CevicheBreckenridge

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Aurora Chamber Hosts Mayoral Forum https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/9/aurora-chamber-hosts-mayoral-forum The Aurora Chamber of Commerce hosted a Mayoral Forum for the members and residents of Aurora, Colorado.  There are currently six candidates running for the position of Mayor of the city of Aurora.  As there are many issues to hear the candidates opinion, it was good to opportunity to do so.  The event was held at the Marriott Denver Airport Gateway Park.  These are the six candidates who are throwing their names into the ring.

Marsha Berzins has lived in Aurora for many years.  She currently serves on city council as the Ward III representative.  She has a B.S. in Economics and Business Administration.

Mike Coffman who served as he U.S. Representative for five terms.  At one time, he held the position of Secretary of State and later Treasurer for the State of Colorado.  He has a military background and served in the Gulf War.  He has a bachelor's degree in Political Science.

Ryan Frazier is also running for Mayor.  He served in the Navy.  His past experience includes working as a city councilman for two terms.

Tiffany Grays is another candidate running for Mayor.  She is a last minute entry.  Graduating from a local high school, she lived most her life in Aurora.  She has a bachelor's degree in information security systems.

Omar Montgomery is also a candidate for Mayor.  He participated in several boards both for the city and nonprofits around this area.  He holds a bachelor's degree in criminal Justice and master's degrees in public administration and education.

Renie Peterson is the last candidate running for Mayor.  She has served in Aurora as Ward II Councilman from 2008 to 2017.  

The event allowed each candidate to speak one minute on each of the questions asked.  At the end each was given two minutes to express why they would make a good Mayor for the city of Aurora.

MayoralForum1MayoralForum1Candidates for Mayor of Aurora MayoralForum1MayoralForum1Candidates for Mayor of Aurora

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Quinceanera - A Mexican Tradition https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/9/quinceanera---a-mexican-tradition Many cultures have their own special traditions.  One such tradition found in the Mexican Cultures is a Quinceanera.  When a young lady reaches fifteen, the family may plan to host a special birthday party.  It is a party to celebrate the young lady reaching maturity.  Recently, Elemintal Photography had the honor of photographing one such day.  Here are a few photographs we took:


15PLopez25515PLopez255 15PLopez42315PLopez423 15PLopez486-215PLopez486-2 15PLopez51115PLopez511 15PLopez75615PLopez756 15PLopez873-215PLopez873-2 15PLopez91715PLopez917 The event typically begins with Mass as the local Catholic Church.  Once it has ended photographs are typically taken of not only family but also friends.  The young lady will often have up to 14 attendants (called her Court) and she rounds out the number to 15 symbolizing her age.  The Mass is followed by a Fiesta and sometimes a dance by the Court.  At this event, she requested her Uncles and Cousins dance with her as well.  Once the formal dances were completed, a birthday cake was presented and cut for everyone to enjoy.  Once everyone had eaten their fill of cake, the dance floor was opened up for all guests to enjoy.

She is such a lovely young lady, both in looks and in kind heart.  We enjoyed getting to know her friends as well.   Happy Birthday!

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France and Monaco More Great Cities to Photograph https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/8/france-and-monaco-more-great-cities-to-photograph  

On day five we spent the day on the ship.  It was another opportunity to relax and we knew we should take advantage of it.  We went to the movies and spent time playing cards.  That evening was formal night.  We dressed for dinner and headed to the evening show.  It was Aladdin.  Will Smith played the Genie.

We were on to more cities to photograph.  The next cities included Nice, France ad Monte Carlo, Monaco.

On day six, we stopped at Villefranche, France was our port and from there we took a bus into Nice.  Nice - (Angel Bay) French Riviera - What a delightful city with an ocean, light blue in color.  The beach was rocky and not sandy though.  Old town had a lovely market with soap, flowers, and food.  The local treat was a savory crepe called Succa made from chick peas.  It was full of shops and places to dine.  Medium bricks were used during mid evil times to build with.  Many of the buildings have windows painted on the north side due to the taxes on real windows. 


2019Europe-3722019Europe-372 Nice, France


Monte Carlo, Monaco


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Photographs of Paris https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/8/photographs-of-paris Our last stop was Paris, France.  

we stayed at Apartments de Louvre – St Honore.  They were a block from the Louvre and close to the train station.  Just north of the Louvre and to the right of our apartment we found a vibrant bohemian area we would like to explore more.  We walked around the Louvre grounds and underground shopping.  We snacked on cheese, bread and wine (Cotes Du Rhone).



The next morning, we got up and headed for the Eiffel Tower.  We had a ticket to the top, a boat ride along the river Seine and a walking tour of the city which would have included the Cathedral of Notre Dame had it not just caught fire.  Our guide was Eric from ParisTour1.  Eric worked hard to make sure we got to see as much as possible on our tour.  The Eiffel Tower was late in opening and actually closed to the top that morning, but Eric made us feel that was not a problem. He was able to squeeze in many unexpected sites as well as give us additional details only a local would know. We walked into the Latin Quarter and tasted both savory and sweet crepes. We learned not only about architecture (both Roman and gothic), history, and food but also some about the personalities and lifestyles of the French.  It felt like our own personal tour but at a group tour price!



In the Latin Quarter we learned that the streets that drained in the center of the street had dumping and draining issues.  The Gargoyles had holes in them, and dirty water was sent out into the street by these holes.  The should it made was a gurgling sound thereby giving the gargoyles their name.  People passing below were warned of the oncoming water with the a called something like Luvolou, Luvolou, Luvolou.  The word “use the Lou,” is said to come from.

We also saw the Police building that still carries the bullet holes from World War Two.  We also learned the Fleur de Lis was the symbol of Royalty and therefore not very popular.


We visited the Sainte Chapelle, filled with beautiful stained glass.  It was amazing to think of all the royalty that once stood in the same place we were.


On the third day, we purchased tickets to the Louvre Museum.  We had learned from Eric it was over 9 miles long and would take 25 days to see all the art in the museum.  Therefore, we decided to see the highlights and come back again some time.  These are some of what we saw:


  • The Mona Lisa 
  •  Winged Victory of Samothrace
  • Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss 
  • The Venus de Milo 
  • The Raft of the Medusa
  • Liberty Leading the People 
  • The Coronation of Napoleon
  • Sleeping Hermaphroditus 
  • Lasmasu
  • Dying slave & rebellious slave
  • Grande odalisque by Ingres 
  • Botticelli’s Venus with Three Graces (1483-1486)


After our tour at the Louvre, we decided it was time to give our feet a break, so we hoped on a Red Bus and toured the north end of the city by the Moulin Rouge and Montmarte.  We also rode around the Arc de Triomphe, the Modern Museum of Art and along the shopping area of Champs-Elysees.


We ended our day with dinner on a riverboat along the Siene.  Dale had Escargo and Steak Tartar.  I had Salmon.  We took a late night cruise along the river again and then took pictures of the Eiffel Tower lite at night, other statutes and the Louvre.


Day 3

We began our day with a French breakfast near the Museum D’Orsay.  The building was an old train station that had been converted in to an art museum.  There we saw the works of:




Frederic Bazille

Claude Monet (he loved the light and painted 60 prints of the light in a cathedral which all but 6 are around the world.  He loved his gardens and painted a lot of them.  In the end he was going blind and it seems his painting reflected this

Edouard Manet

Toulouse-Lautrec  (Moulin Rouge artist)

Pierre Renoir (he usually painted happy scenes)

Edgar Degas (he was fascinated with how the body moved and horses)

Mary Cassett

Paul Cezanne (he was a cubist and not too good at painting humans)

Vincet van Gogh (stories of his ear are that he cut it off because his friend was leaving or that they got into a fight and  Gauguin cut off his ear by accident and van Gogh did not want him to get into trouble.  His death is said to be either a suicide or that kids stabbed him, and he did not want them to get in trouble so he did not tell anyone.)

Paul Guiguin(left his wife and kids and went to live on an island


We walked behind one of two of the clocks in the building and looked out at the city.



Last we saw an exhibit on black art in France.


That evening we headed up to the Moulin Rouge.  What a wonderful show.  We had fish for dinner and champagne.  Our show included singing, dancing, and wonderful costumes.  There was a juggling act, a balancing act, a lady swam with pythons in a big water tank, 6 miniature horses and a roller-skating act.  It was a wonderful show that we really enjoyed.


It was our last day and we prepared to head home.  We headed out for one last breakfast in Paris and then to the subway for a ride to the airport.   By the time we got home we had almost been up 24 hours.  We were exhausted but we cleaned out our suitcases and went to bed.  What an amazing trip!!



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Lucca and the Leaning Tower of Pisa https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/8/lucca-and-the-leaning-tower-of-pisa Our next stop was at the city of Livorno.  Some folks traveled to Florence.  We chose to tour the city of Lucca and later on to Pisa.  We both felt this would be a great opportunity to take more photographs.

We stopped in Livorno.  We rode to the city of Lucca.  A walled city of 8,000 inhabitants and once 99 churches which now is 47.  There is a beautiful colosseum which has now been converted into apartments, shops and restaurants.  The city was beautiful with its narrow streets and wonderful shops.  We stopped and purchased a beautiful scarf at Zazzi.  The shop had woven these scarves of silk.  A local artist created the design of several of their scarves.

We enjoyed lunch and wine at a local restaurant.  The type of wine we had was local to the region.  It was a MonteCarlo.


We got back on the bus and headed to Pisa.  They were currently letting 40 people up at a time, but we were unable to go as we did not have enough time.  We walked around the tower and the buildings near Pisa.  There was a Cathedral, a Mausoleum and a museum.  There are even some trees that sank like the tower.  I was amazed how beautiful the architecture of the tower.  The pillars are made of different materials and there is beautiful work designed into the buildings.  The city begins right at the edge of this square and appears to be a charming town.

2019Europe-3402019Europe-340 The walled city of Lucca.

2019Europe-3512019Europe-351 2019Europe-3612019Europe-361

The leaning tower of Pisa

2019Europe-3462019Europe-346 2019Europe-3582019Europe-358




(Elemintal Photography) Livorno photographs Pisa https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/8/lucca-and-the-leaning-tower-of-pisa Tue, 13 Aug 2019 15:00:00 GMT
Firstbank Hosts Adams 14 Scholars https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/8/firstbank-hosts-adams-14-scholars As a new school year is about to begin, Adams 14 Education Foundation is once again hosting a dinner for the school district's scholarship recipients.  Twice a year, the Foundation plans a dinner to support students and to offer additional training skills to equip them to be better prepared for their future.  The dinner this time was hosted by Firstbank in their corporate offices and Elemintal Photography was once again invited to take photographs.  They brought in catering company called Konjo which served Ethiopian Food.  The meal consisted of salad, a chicken dish, lentils and a vegetarian cabbage dish.  The food is traditional eaten with a flat spongy style bread.  The bread is torn into pieces and used to pick up the food from your plate.  This is also a part of the experience as we hope the students are exposed to difference experiences in their dining as well.  We enjoyed the view from the fourth floor which consisted of a patio and a beautiful lunch room.

2019ScholarDinner122019ScholarDinner12View from the Firstbank Corporate Office 2019ScholarDinner122019ScholarDinner12View from the Firstbank Corporate Office


Once everyone had completed their dinner, we proceeded into their board room.  The scholars learned more about Firstbank and its history.  They were also given information on banking, saving and loans.

Brian Sowl spoke next from Nelnut spoke to scholars about student loans.  Nelnet is the largest student loan servicer in the world.  It is a company based in Aurora, Colorado.  Thomas spoke about the history of Nelnet and how they had to reinvent their company when the government changed the way student loans were created.  The company also has several other projects that diversify Nelnet and their work.

2019ScholarDinner362019ScholarDinner36 2019ScholarDinner432019ScholarDinner43 2019ScholarDinner442019ScholarDinner44 2019ScholarDinner462019ScholarDinner46 2019ScholarDinner492019ScholarDinner49 2019ScholarDinner612019ScholarDinner61 2019ScholarDinner692019ScholarDinner69

It was another successful event for the students of Adams 14 school district.   The Adams 14 Education Foundation has more need than ever to have us help them educate tomorrow's talent.  To learn more about the efforts of the foundation, please click on this link. Adams 14 Education Foundation.


(Elemintal Photography) adams-14-education-foundation Elemintal-Photography firstbank nelnet photographs https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/8/firstbank-hosts-adams-14-scholars Tue, 06 Aug 2019 23:01:21 GMT
Trip to Rome https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/7/trip-to-rome Rome is a wonderful place to photograph but we did not just take photographs there.  We took a step back in time viewing the wonderful art, statues and rugs.  As our next trip was to Rome, we waited for it in anticipation.    

We arrived at Civitavecchia (pronounced Chitavekia) and traveled for about 2 hours by bus to Rome.  There we were given about 1 ½ hours of free time to see some of the city.  Dale and I walked by the Castel Sant Angelo and Corte Suprema di Cassazione then on to Piazza Navona.  This was a beautiful square with a fountain and statues. 

We walked on, we saw many fountains and statutes.  We walked over to the Pantheon but did not go in.  I had hoped we could go see the Trevi Fountain, but we could not locate it.  We headed back to the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica for our tour here.  The chapel was so beautiful with its paintings by Michelangelo.  The museum was full of Frescos (painting directly on the walls), art work and statutes.  The Basilica is one of the largest and held the preserved bodies of some of the last popes for viewing.


(Elemintal Photography) photographs photography Rome https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/7/trip-to-rome Tue, 30 Jul 2019 23:00:00 GMT
Pompeii and Naples https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/7/pompeii-and-naples One day of our cruise, we decided to take a tour that included a visit to the ruins of Pompeii.  We are not one's to pass up a photograph experience so we loaded our equipment and headed for a tour bus.

We took a bus from the port with the Disney Cruise Ship was anchored, where we traveled through Naples and on to Pompeii.  It was amazing to see how big this city was and how advanced.  The people of Pompeii had running water, a sewer and a drain system.  They had beautiful baths and gaming coliseums.  Some families lived in small homes while others had several rooms.  We saw remnants of beautifully designed tiled floors and yards with fountains and gardens. 


When the volcano flowed it caught many folks unprepared that they were caught in the lava flow and turned to stone.  Those that got away just abandoned the city rather than rebuilding.  What an interesting city to be left abandoned.


As we left the ruins of Pompeii, we stopped at a shop and tasted some Limoncello.  There were several different options.  I tasted one which our tour director recommended.  It was a creamy Limoncello and is probably something I would not need to try again.  They did have fantastic jewelry made from the lava that had once flowed.  It included different crystal glass.


Back in Naples, we toured a Cameo factory.  We learned that Cameos are made from special sea shells.  They did beautiful work.  The one activity I had hoped to do was to enjoy a pizza here.  Not feeling well, it was probably best we did not have time.




(Elemintal Photography) Cameo Elemintal-Photography photographs Pompeii https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/7/pompeii-and-naples Tue, 23 Jul 2019 22:30:00 GMT
Mediterranean Disney Cruise https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/7/mediterranean-disney-cruise As part of our first experience to Europe, Dale wanted to relax on board a Disney Cruise.  We spotted the ship from the top of Montjuic were we took photographs of the ship as well as the local flowers.  We embarked from Barcelona on a seven day Mediterranean Cruise.  As always we boarded the ship with a welcome home and immediately began to relax as we knew the Disney Ship, The Magic from past experiences.  We settled into our cabin and then headed off to grab a bite to eat.

2019 Disney Wonder Cruise Ship2019Europe-1482019 Disney Cruise Ship Our trip and itinerary are as follows:

Day One was a day at sea.  We caught up on laundry and enjoyed a movie, The Avengers, Endgame.  It was playing of the big onboard movie theater.

Day Two we spent in Naples and Pompeii.

Day Three we arrived to Civitavecchia, where we hoped on a bus to Rome.

Day Four we stopped in Livorno.  From there we took a bus to a small town called Lucca.  Later we traveled on to Piza.

Day Five as another day to relax on the cruise ship.

Day Six we stopped in Villefranche, France and took a bus to Nice.  Our tour guide showed us some of wha this wonderful city has to offer.  We hopped back on our bus and headed over to the City of Monte Carlo, Monaco.

Our trip gave us a great opportunity to get a taste of what was offered at each of these locations.  We now know more of what we liked and want to see more of.  It will be our plan to sometime return to many of these locations again in the future.  In the next few blogs, I will write about some of the spots we hope to go back and see more of.


(Elemintal Photography) Cruise Disney Magic Mediterranean photographs https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/7/mediterranean-disney-cruise Tue, 16 Jul 2019 19:30:00 GMT
Days in Barcelona https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/7/days-in-barcelona We traveled all day arriving late in the evening (9:30pm) in Barcelona, Spain.  We took a few photographs from the plane but there were not a lot of opportunities.  We stayed at Serennia Apartments which were close to Las Rumbas and many other activities.  We could hear the subway in the distance some but otherwise it was quiet.  I would stay here again.  We headed out and ate Tapas at a local restaurant.  It was dining time for many people.


As Elemintal Photography, we set out to take as many photographs as possible on this trip.  We woke up early and headed for a tour of Sagrada Familia. The builders schedule is to now complete it in the next five to ten years.  After completing the tour, we walked up to Park Guell.  It was the grounds and home of the architect Gaudi who designed Sagrada Familia as well as Casa Mila Apartments and Casa Batillo (House of Bones). 

That evening we again set out up the street.  We walked to a small theater where we watched Flamico dancing.  Dinner was served with the dancing and we dined on tasty Paella and drank refreshing Sangria.

2019Barcelona2019Europe-320Sagrada Familia Church

2019 Inside Sagrada Familia2019SagradaFamiliaInside the church Sagrada Familia

The next day we again headed out for another tour.  We met our tour guide and walked around La Rambla.  A beautiful street designed for walking patrons of the shops and restaurants.  We headed the Picasso Museum where we toured paintings that Picasso’s assistant had.  Our guide said they were not necessarily his best work, but they had special value to his assistant.  At a young age, Picasso’s Father recognized that Picasso was very talented and so he guided him trained him.  We saw works from many times in his life including some of his pottery.  Our tour guide, then walked us around some of the gothic parts of the city a bit more.   At the end, Dale and I walked to a market off La Rambla where we ate and did some shopping.  Our next stop was at Palau de la Musica Catalana and toured this beautiful building designed for choirs and concerts.  We later returned to hear Yoyo Ma play the Cello.

Our last day we took the funicular up the mountain to Montjuic.  We did not have the time to enter but instead walked the perimeter.  It was time to head on to our next adventure.


(Elemintal Photography) Barcelona ElemintalPhotography photographs Sagrada_Familia https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/7/days-in-barcelona Thu, 11 Jul 2019 19:04:26 GMT
Iceland Trip https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/6/iceland-trip  

We are headed for our first trip to Europe.  So many years we planned to go but we always found somewhere in or near the United States we wanted to do first.  Well it is finally time.  With our cameras in hand ready to take photographs, we set out on our adventures.

Our first stop was in Iceland.  We traveled overnight making it in around 9 am.  We rented a car so we could see some of this beautiful country.  We started out on our adventure heading to a local lighthouse for a view of the coast.  It was breathtaking.  After that we headed to Reykjavik and drove around the town and to another lighthouse.  We realized we were tired so we headed to our hotel.

Our hotel was a contemporary spot on the waterfront.  Icelandic Marina Hotel.  Our room was very small but functional. The balcony was seemed larger than the room.  We dropped everything and fell onto bed for a few hours. Waking feeling more humane, we headed out and walked around. Shops closed at 5 but the sun doesn’t set until 10:53 pm.  I actually found the sky to appear like dusk most of the night. 

We go up and headed out of town for a trip around part of the country called the Golden circle.  We stopped at the North American side of the tectonic plates and viewed the Euro Tectonics Plates in the distance.  The ranger told us we were actually in the valley between the plates and that the valley is sinking.  It is about 7 miles distance between the two.


We stopped at Stokkur Geyser which it actually had several geysers there.  The main one erupted every 6 minutes or so.  People were walking all over this area.  The was a hotel, hot springs pool, retaurant and a large gift shop here.


We headed on to Gullfoss Falls.  These were beautiful falls reminding me of Niagra Falls although you are unable to take a boat to see these.  The falls are very wide and long and curve as the water falls over the steepest part of the cliff.  We hiked up to the falls and watched the water rushing around us.  Everyone was out taking photographs of the landscape.

2019Europe-842019Europe-84 2019Europe-872019Europe-87

Our next stop was Kerid Crater.  It is a deep crater now filled with water.   We walked around the top and then the base near the water.  This crater was formed due to a collapse in water running underground as part of a volcano explosion.  I capture this bird making its home here.

2019Europe-1092019Europe-109 2019Europe-1192019Europe-119 2019Europe-1252019Europe-125

We headed on to Keflavik by way of a coastal road not traveled much. Here we saw beautiful site of salt and moss growing on the volcanic rocks laying now solid on the ground.  We headed on to our next hotel, Hotel Jazz.  We laughed as we got 3 shampoo, 3 shower caps and no soap or wash clothes.  Great hotel otherwise.  I would stay here again as well as it is so close to the airport.  Breakfast was also served, European style with cheese and tomatoes.


That night we dined of something we had not expected.  Dale had whale steak for dinner which he nor I will ever have again. I had Arctic Char (like salmon). It was very good.  We enjoyed Iceland very much and plan to come back and complete the larger circle and to see the northern lights.  If you love nature, Iceland is definitely worth seeing. 




(Elemintal Photography) golden circle iceland keflavik photographs reykavik https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/6/iceland-trip Thu, 27 Jun 2019 21:05:39 GMT
Historical Society and CCBPA Host Recognition Event https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/6/historical-society-and-ccbpa-host-recognition-event Commerce City Historical Society and Commerce City Business Professional Association (CCBPA) hosted a Recognition event Sunday April 28th.  These groups come together to recognize people they felt were making a difference in Commerce City.  The event was hosted at the Yellow Rose in the older portion of Commerce City known as Derby.  There were many people as well as a few business recognized.  Elemintal Photography was there to photograph the event.  We also received an award as well.

Here are a couple of photographs from the event.

CC-Awards-EventCC-Historical-SocietyCommerce City Historical Society recognizes Tim Moore

CCBPA-2CCBPA-Community-Choice-Credit-UnionCommerce City Business Professionals recognizes Community Choice Credit Union

(Elemintal Photography) Commerce-City-Business-Professiontal-Association Commerce-City-Historical-Society Elemintal_Photography photographs https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/6/historical-society-and-ccbpa-host-recognition-event Mon, 03 Jun 2019 12:30:00 GMT
Leadership Commerce City Public Safety https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/5/leadership-commerce-city-public-safety For the month of April, Leadership Commerce City toured the ADCOM (Adams County Communications).  Elemintal Photography followed along to take photographs and to learn as well.  The group learned what it would be like to serve multiple communities.  Joel Estes gave a great presentation about the components they serve to include Police, Fire and Ambulance.  They not only serve different fire and police departments they also cross-communication is maintained for jurisdictional purposes.  

LLC-ADCOMLCC visits ADCOMLeadership Commerce City visits ADCOM

Leadership Commerce City traveled over to the South Adams County Fire District.  They toured a fire house and learned what it takes to be a fireman.  This is a very interesting tour with a lot of information.

LCC_SACFDLCC at SACFDLeadership Commerce City tours South Adams County Fire Department

Last the group toured the Police department and learned more specifics about the police and the services they provide.  They toured a swat vehicle.  Chef Nichols encouraged everyone to learn more about community policing and thanked them for their continues support.

LCC-SwatLLC in SWAT VehicleLeadership Commerce City touring Commerce City Police Department


(Elemintal Photography) Adams-County-Communications ADCOM Elemintal-Photography Leadership-Commerce-City South-Adams-County-Fire-District https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/5/leadership-commerce-city-public-safety Mon, 27 May 2019 22:00:00 GMT
2019 Adams Education Foundation 14er Fest https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/5/2019-adams-education-foundation-14er-fest Another year and another exciting opportunity to give out scholarships to the students of the Adams 14 School District for higher education.  The 14er Fest held by the Adams 14 Education Foundation was held on April 25th.  Elemintal Photography was there to help and to take photographs of the event.  The scholarship recipients spoke about the opportunities and exciting goals they have for the future.

The event was held at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotels, Stapleton.  The night began with a silent auction. Many local business as well as schools contributed items for the auction.  The foundation board brought in wine to be auctioned off as well.  This year folks could bid on items without being at the event thanks to a new electronic bidding program.  

After a wonderful meal, the program began with a fun game of "Heads or Tails", with guests purchasing one or two chances to win.  The prize was tickets to a Denver Bronco game.  A live auction was also held and a couple additional donated items were also auctioned off.  It was finally time ti award scholarships to the students and to hear their stories.  It was a wonderful night full of great stories and happy students.

2019 14er Fest Scholarship Winners2019 14er Fest Scholarship Recipients2019 Scholarship recipients for the Adams 14 Education Foundation 14er Fest Dinner

(Elemintal Photography) 14er-Fest Adams_14_Education_Foundation Elemintal_Photography photographs https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/5/2019-adams-education-foundation-14er-fest Mon, 20 May 2019 22:00:00 GMT
Military Appreciation And Leadership Commerce City https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/5/military-appreciation-and-leadership-commerce-city For the month of May, Leadership Commerce City learned more about the Military presence in Colorado.  Elemintal Photography followed the group around as they began their day at Adams City High School.  The JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp) teachers Lt. Colonel Heery and Sgt. Maj. Reid brought several students in to talk about their program.  They have a very successful program at Adams City and due to the stability of their leadership.  The students participating learn leadership, organizational and various other skills.  The students start as freshmen usually but others do start at a later age.

Next the class heard from Colonel Hopkins of the Colorado National Guard.  We learned of the number of divisions active in Colorado.  There are only a few full time individuals to manage all the troops in the Guard in Colorado.  These troops are called out to assist with fires, disasters and other events effecting our state.

The Leadership class dismissed and headed over to the Doubletree by Hilton, Denver to join the Aurora Chamber of Commerce in their celebration of Military Day.  The luncheon offers recognition to those enlisted serving on the Base at Buckley.  The program begins with recognizing the different branches of the Military and of close comrade countries stationed at Buckley.  The recognized the absent solders with a place set in remembrance.  Awards were given to those who excelled in their positions at the base.

Last, Leadership Commerce City headed into a room at the Doubletree to hear Mickey Hunt speak about what the state is doing for Veterans in Colorado.  He spoke of a recently opened facility in Grand Junction to serve veterans there.  He also spoke about the support he is receiving from the state to provide programs for the veterans in Colorado.  The day was filled with many interesting speakers and Elemintal Photography was again appreciative of the opportunity to participate.

Leadership Commerce City attends Military Appreciation DayMilitary Appreciation DayLeadership Commerce City attended the Aurora Chamber of Commerce Military Appreciation Day Leadership Commerce CityLt Colonel Heery speaking to Leadership Commerce CityLeadership Commerce City learned about the classes at Adams City High School Colonel HopkinsColonel Hopkins speaking about the Colorado National GuardColonel Hopkins spoke to Leadership Commerce City about the Colorado National Guard Mikey HuntMikey Hunt, Colorado Veterans AffairsMikey Hunt spoke to Leadership Commerce City about the states involvement in veterans affairs



(Elemintal Photography) Adams-14-Education-Foundation Aurora-Chamber-of-Commerce Elemintal-Photography Leadership-Commerce-City Military-Appreciation photographs https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/5/military-appreciation-and-leadership-commerce-city Mon, 13 May 2019 17:45:00 GMT
New Orleans Great Food and Music https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/4/new-orleans-great-food-and-music New Orleans, "NOLA" has some of our favorite foods and great music to listen to.  NOLA has special flavors born from the blending of people from different regions and countries.  We always bring home spices and ingredients from the New Orleans area but the atmosphere seems to make the food and experience more magical. We take a break from Elemintal Photography to go photograph for our own enjoyment.  Here, people are friendly and you can alway find someone playing music, especially Jazz, in the streets in the French Quarter.

New Orleans SeafoodNew Orleans FoodFlavors of New Orleans New Orleans LightsNew Orleans LightsLights of New Orleans at night New Orleans Commanders PalaceCommanders Palace, New OrleansNew Orleans restaurant called Commanders Palace New Orleans Mardi GrasSlidell Mardi Gras ParadeSlidell Mardi Gras Parade on the canals

This trip we knew we would catch a few Mardi Gras parades and they never disappoint.  There were several parades in and around the New Orleans area.  We even caught a boat or barge parade as they call it in Slidell.  As always the folks were friendly and having fun as we waited for the floats to come by.  The excitement of Mardi Gras always draws children and the throws are always interesting.

We stopped in to Conservation Hall to hear some wonderful Jazz music.  Each night different players gather to jam and perform.  You never know who might pop in to play with the band.

We ate at several new location to us.  These restaurants have been there but it is difficult to get to all of them as there is so many.  One of the first was Commanders Palace where is enjoyed Fish and Shrimp.  Of course, we did try the .25 cent martini's.  We also enjoyed brunch at Court of Two Sisters where we were able to enjoy many specialty dishes and listen to live jazz.  Pascale Manale was another great restaurant known for their barbequed shrimp.  We could not miss a couple favorites though, Cafe du Monde for beignets, Acme Oyster House for Oysters, and Napoleons for a Muffalata to go.

All in all it was an amazing trip and we came home full of all the tasty sites and smells of New Orleans in our thoughts.

(Elemintal Photography) Elemintal Phtoography food Jazz Mardi Gras New Orleans https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/4/new-orleans-great-food-and-music Tue, 16 Apr 2019 12:00:00 GMT
Denver South Economic Development Partnership Luncheon https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/4/denver-south-economic-development-partnership-luncheon Denver South Economic Development Partnership hosted their annual luncheon November 15th.  Elemintal Photography was invited to photograph the event.  The guest speaker was George F. Well a writer and one of America's most well know political columnists.  There were many business men and women as well as education and elected officials.  

Mr. Will spoke about the changes in American values and its effect on the economy.  He spoke about the changes in household structure and that this too is effecting the economy.  With technology changing so quickly it makes predicting the best possible jobs for the future more difficult.  Young adults graduating now need to different skill set than those of the past.  It appears to require a much more flexible skill set.  As Mr. Will drew to a close, he reminded everyone, we still live in the greatest country on the earth.  The changes we are seeing now can make us stronger in the future.  

Folks flocked to visit with Mr. Will and requested their photos to be taken with him.  It was another success for the Denver South Development Partnership.

DSEDP LuncheonDenver South Economic Development Partnership Luncheon Staff and GuestsDenver South Economic Development Partnership Luncheon Staff and Guests Luncheon for DSEDPAttendees at DSEDP LuncheonDenver South Economic Development Partnership Luncheon CEO and Guests DSEDP George WillDSEDP Speaker George WillGuest speaker George F Will for Denver South Economic Development Partnership

(Elemintal Photography) Denver-South-Economic-Developemnt-Partnership Elemintal-Photography photos https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/4/denver-south-economic-development-partnership-luncheon Tue, 09 Apr 2019 12:00:00 GMT
Leadership Commerce City tours Water and Rocky Mountain Arsenal https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/4/leadership-commerce-city-tours-water-and-rocky-mountain-arsenal Leadership Commerce at the Water and Sanitation DistrictLeadership Commerce visits the Water and Sanitation DistrictLeadership Commerce visits the Water and Sanitation District in Commerce City Tour of Water and Sanitation DistrictTour of Water and Sanitation DistrictTour of Water and Sanitation District in Commerce City Rocky Mountain Arsenal TourRocky Mountain ArsenalLeadership Commerce City learns the history of Rocky Mountain Arsenal Deer at Rocky Mountain ArsenalDeer at Rocky Mountain ArsenalDeer at Rocky Mountain Arsenal as Leadership Commerce city toured the area Buffalo at Rocky Mountain Arsenal areaBuffalo at Rocky Mountain ArsenalBuffalo at Rocky Mountain Arsenal as Leadership Commerce City Tour Tour at The United States RepositoryRepository at Rocky Mountain ArsenalLeadership Commerce City takes a tour of the Repository at Rocky Mountain Arsenal


This month's Leadership Commerce City visited the South Adams County Water and Sanitation District.  Elemintal Photography was there again to take photographs of the group as they traveled around.  The morning began with the class learning about the process to clean the water and deliver it to families.  Removal and recycling the water is also a big part of the district's responsibility.  Recycling the water can be as challenging as cleaning it the first time.  They district was planning to break ground on a new treatment facility the next week.  

We toured one of the district's plants and visited with the engineer who monitors the water.  He talked about the various set it takes to purify the water and then how they monitor and maintain its purification.  There are several steps in the process and it can be handled in many ways.  

Next, we headed over to Rocky Mountain Arsenal to learn of the arsenal's history from a local historian.  The class also heard from one of the Rangers on the Arsenal.  This prepared the class for our tour as we loaded into the bus.  The animals were out in abundance as we saw many Buffalo, deer and birds.

Our last stop of the day was the United States Repository.  They house all the illegal wildlife and pieces of wildlife confiscated for the whole country.  The warehouse was huge that housed all the poor creatures that lost their lives for human gain.  We did learn that the repository is distributing some of the items located in the warehouse to class rooms for others to learn from.  This is the first repository in the world to redistribute and they hope it will catch on with other countries.  Another program offered through the Repository is the redistribution of feathers from Bald and Golden Eagles to Native Americans.  Native Americans use the feathers and other bird materials in their religious ceremonies and costumes.  The repository collects the birds that have died in all manner of ways.  Native American's can petition for a bird to use as needed.  The Fish and Wildlife process the  requests and then ship out the birds or their feathers as requested.  It was another interesting day for Leadership Commerce City.

(Elemintal Photography) Adams and County District" Elemintal Photography Leadership Commerce City Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge Sanitation Water https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/4/leadership-commerce-city-tours-water-and-rocky-mountain-arsenal Tue, 02 Apr 2019 06:45:00 GMT
Polis supports Adams 14 https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/3/polis-supports-adams-14 Governor Jarod Polis visited Adams 14 School District Saturday, March 23.  At his Inaugural Ball he raised funds for education.  He presented a check to Dale Mingilton, Director and Larry Olde, President of Adams 14 Education Foundation.  The donation will go to Early Childhood Education.  It is in support of his initiative for full day preschool.  Elemintal Photography was available to take photographs of the presentation.  Several board members of the Adams 14 Education Foundation were there to accept the check.  Three members of the school board where available as well.  Senator Dominic Moreno was on hand and spoke a little about the work at the State Capital and what State Legislators are doing in support of education.  He is one of the school board members.

The event was held at STARS Early Education Center.  Governor Polis visited with the parents of several children in the school district as well as some of the staff from the school.  He visited several of the rooms in the STARS building.  Each is designed with an animal education based theme.

The funding is to help support Early Childhood Education in the district.

Polis at Adams 14 Education FoundationPolis Funds Adams 14 Education FoundationPolis presents Adams 14 Education Foundation with a check for Early Childhood Education 2019PolisFunds47-22019PolisFunds47-2 2019PolisFunds742019PolisFunds74

(Elemintal Photography) Adams-14-Education-Foundation Adams-14-School-District Elemintal-Photography Governor-Polis photographs https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/3/polis-supports-adams-14 Tue, 26 Mar 2019 12:00:00 GMT
Aurora Chamber Awards Celebration https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/3/aurora-chamber-awards-celebration The annual Aurora Chamber Awards Celebration was held last Friday, March 15.  The theme for the evening was "Fire and Ice" and Elemintal Photography had the opportunity to photograph it.  The staff at the Aurora Chamber of Commerce can be very proud of another successful event.  The 64th annual event was held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Denver on Quebec Street.  It began has it has for many years with a silent auction.  This year the auction was online.  People still attended early to look at the items but since all the bidding was handled online, there was no need to rush around.  This allowed people more opportunity to visit and they were notified if outbid.  The process flowed smoothly and the staff had less headache and worry regarding the notification and payment process.  

As the photographer, I wandered around taking photographs of various groups and I enjoyed chatting with folks and watching how calmly the auction was.  Later as everyone moved in for dinner, conversations continued.  Tables were full of guests coming to support their friends and co-workers who won awards.  There were ten awards handed out in total.  Awards ranged from Business of the year to Man and Woman of the Year.  Additional awards were handed out for Humanitarian and Business for the Arts as well as Humanitarian and Community Leader.  The past recipient came to the stage to congratulate the new recipient.  A video presentation of each winner told the story of each winner.

2019 Aurora Chamber Awards2019 Chamber Awards Celebration2019 Aurora Chamber Awards Celebration 2019 Aurora Chamber Awards2019 Chamber Awards Celebration2019 Aurora Chamber Awards Celebration 2019 Aurora Chamber Awards2019 Chamber Awards Celebration2019 Aurora Chamber Awards Celebration

To view additional photographs please click here on Elemintal Photography

At the end of the evening a dance floor was provided and music played allowing folks an opportunity to enjoy more time with their friends and family.  The Aurora Chamber knows how to put on a spectacular event. The Aurora Chamber does an excellent job developing programs to help our community and we appreciate the awards and work they do for us.

(Elemintal Photography) Aurora-Chamber-Awards-Celebration Aurora-Chamber-of-Commerce Elemintal-Photography photograph https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/3/aurora-chamber-awards-celebration Tue, 19 Mar 2019 14:00:00 GMT
Capital Day for Leadership Commerce City https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/3/capital-day-for-leadership-commerce-city One of my favorite days when working with Leadership Commerce City is the Day at the Colorado State Capital.  It is always exciting to see what is going on downtown and to learn more about issues you hear about on television.  Elemintal Photography is pleased once again to photograph the day.  The class began with a visit to Axiom Politics where we talked about the State of the Nation and spoke about the political process.

Next we headed over to the Capital to view the Floor of the Senate. Senator Dominic Moreno was on the floor and when the Senate dismissed to have a meeting with the House, he came and visited with the class.  Next we headed over to the Floor of the House where we sat in the balcony. It was Military Appreciation Day and we heard about several of the brave folks fighting for our country.  People from all over the state wrote in to thank the military and the letters were special to hear.    House FloorDay at the CapitalLeadership Commerce City visits the Colorado Capital building Senate FloorSenate Floor at Colorado Capital Leadership Commerce City visits the Capital

Later, the class toured the upper levels of the capital traveling all the way up to the dome.  The weather was nice so the view was exceptional.  Being a photographer, I always love the opportunity to take photographs from the dome.  Today though, Dale took the photographs for me as I had to step away for another commitment.   Once I was back I caught back up with the group.  They were finishing up the rest of the tour of the capital.  

It was another great learning day and I was happy to have the opportunity as Elemintal Photography to photograph this day.


(Elemintal Photography) Elemintal_Photography Leadership-Commerce-City photograph https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/3/capital-day-for-leadership-commerce-city Tue, 12 Mar 2019 06:15:00 GMT
Community Uplift Partnership Fund Raiser https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/3/community-uplift-partnership-fund-raiser Community Uplift Partnership held their annual fund raiser and Elemintal Photography took photographs of the event.  It was held in their new facility in Reunion Coffee House.  The event had music on the back porch of the Coffee House and many couples watch the sun set.  They hosted a game of Simon Says and Heads or Tails.  Some of the students that CUP helps were on hand to tell about their experience and what it means to them to have help from CUP. 

201 8Ignite Event2018 Ignite Event In ReunionCommunity Uplight Partnership held their annual Fund Raiser at their new home.

2018 Ignite Colorado2018 Ignite Event for CUP2018 Ignite Event hosted by CUP in Reunion Colorado

There was a silent auction and a live auction as well.  Many of the guests were actually neighbors living near the coffee house.  It was a fun event with many exciting opportunities to help those in need. We look forward to more opportunities to see those in this community and to learn who CUP will be able to help with the funds from this event.

2018 CUP Ignite event2018 Ignite Event at sunsetCommunity Uplight Partnership event at sunset

(Elemintal Photography) community_uplift_partnership cup elemintal_photography photographs https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/3/community-uplift-partnership-fund-raiser Tue, 05 Mar 2019 22:30:00 GMT
Trick or Treat Street https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/2/trick-or-treat-street Commerce City Business Professionals host Trick or Treat Street each year.  This year it was held at Adams City High School.  The kids come from all around to enjoy games, activities and of course collect candy.  Elemintal Photography had the great opportunity to photograph the kids and the events of the night.  Dale was there with the Adams 14 Education Foundation.  Two of his board members also attended and passed out candy.  It was a fun night with food and fun for all.  The costumes were creative and amazing.  

2018 Trick or Treat Street2018 Trick or Treat Street Event2018 Trick or Treat Street hosted by Commerce City Business Professionals


2018 Trick or Treat Street Kids2018 Trick or Treat Street Kids2018 Trick or Treat Street Kids


(Elemintal Photography) Adams_14_Education_Foundation City Commerce Elemintal_Photography Photographs https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/2/trick-or-treat-street Tue, 26 Feb 2019 22:30:00 GMT
CUP Comedy Night https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/2/cup-comedy-night The first annual Fill Your CUP Comedy Night was held at Peak View High School in Reunion, Colorado.  Elemintal Photography had the privilege of photographing their special event.  It was exciting to see all the families come to attend a fun and wholesomely clean show.  Serveral members of CUP including Lori Young were in charge of the event.  The emcee for the evening was a member of the local community. One comedian Samuel Adams was from the Denver Metro area but the headliner was out of Los Angeles, Kerri Pomarolli.

The evening began with a few words from Megan.  Megan's mother worked at the Adams 14 School District office and Megan often came to help out at the CUP outreach in the basement of the district.  She is continuing to work for CUP and will be working in their new coffee shop in Reunion.  Next, Paul Sandos, Principal at Lester Arnold High School also came up to talk about the school and how CUP will partner with them to benefit students looking for work.


Fill your CUP Comedy Night Comedians

It was time for the comedians to take the stage.  First up was Samuel (Sam) Adams.  He was funny and spoke of many local activities and the humor in them.  The crowd enjoyed his humor and the evening was off to a great start.  Next came Kerri Pomarolli.  She spoke about her family and especially her antics with her daughters.  People were laughing as she made fun of herself and caring for her daughters.  At the end of the show, both comedians stood at the back and spoke with people that had attended.  Some asked for photograph with the comedians.  The evening was a lot of fun and we hope a great success for CUP as they open their doors to help those in the community.

2018 Cup Comedy Night2018 Cup Comedy Sam Adams2018 Cup Comedy Sam Adams, Comedian 2018 Cup Comedy Event2018 Cup Comedy Event2018 Cup Comedy Night with Kerri Pomarolli Comedian


(Elemintal Photography) Community CUP Elemintal_Photography Partnership Uplift https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/2/cup-comedy-night Tue, 19 Feb 2019 22:15:00 GMT
New Orleans Mardi Gras Parades https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/2/new-orleans-mardi-gras-parades It was raining the next morning and it was the day of one of the parade.  There was a two hour delay but the parade did go on.  We had left to go on the Mardi Gras Tour at Blaine Kerns Warehouse but when we saw the sun come out, we headed back over.  It was a fun parade as those walking handed out roses and trinkets as well as kisses on the cheeks to the women and children watching.  They toss the makings of stew into the crowd.  We were throne cabbage, potatoes, onions, carrots, fruit, and dessert snacks.  Of course they also tossed necklaces, cups and other mardi gras trinkets.  As we were unable to use the perishables we handed them to the families around us.  It was a great event and what a sea of  Irish green.

As it was Dale and my wedding anniversary, we ate dinner at a fine eating establishment in New Orleans called Johnny Sanchez.  The food is an infusion of Mexican and Creole flavors.  There were many menu items containing fish and we all gravitate to that.  We all ordered something different and then shared with each other.  The atmosphere was contemporary as we looked around at our surroundings.  What a great top to a wonderful day!

New OrleansNew Orleans Mardi GrasNew Orleans Mardi Gras New Orleans Addie AngelNew Orleans Addie and AngelNew Orleans Addie and Angel

NOLA FoodShrimp Po Boy and Red Beans and RiceShrimp Po Boy and Red Beans and Rice


(Elemintal Photography) Elemintal_Photography Mardi_Gras New_Orleans https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/2/new-orleans-mardi-gras-parades Tue, 12 Feb 2019 22:00:00 GMT
Adams 14 Education Foundation Student Dinner https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/2/adams-14-education-foundation-student-dinner 2019JanScholarsDinner82019JanScholarsDinner8


Adams 14 Education Foundation hosted a dinner for the students it has awarded scholarships to over the past few years.  The hope of the Foundation is to not only help the students to earn a degree in higher education but to also equip them for the future.  Debra Bullock, owner of  Bullock Estate Services, made a presentation on etiquette in professional situations.  The discussion ranged from hand shakes and introductions to proper utensils to use at the dinner table.  

Students were given the opportunity to test their new learned skills on board members from the Foundation.  Dale Mingilton is the director of the Foundation and he feels it is very important for students to be equipped with knowledge of this type.  It is also an opportunity to meet with the students and check on their progress and studies.  As always Elemintal Photography is proud to support the Adams 14 Education Foundation.



The event was a big success with students and board members all learning a little more about the working together.  It is the hope of the Adams 14 Education Foundation that the students of the Adams 14 School District will be prepared for the future.

(Elemintal Photography) Adams 14 Education Foundation Commerce City Elemintal Photography https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/2/adams-14-education-foundation-student-dinner Tue, 05 Feb 2019 22:52:07 GMT
Winter Fest a Success for Commerce City https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/2/winter-fest-a-success-for-commerce-city Winter Fest was another big success for Commerce City Business Professionals.  Each year the group sets out to create a magical day for the children of Commerce City.  Elemintal Photography has the honor of helping and taking photos of all the excited children and their families.  The activities of the morning include a visit to Santa, breakfast and wonderful music provided by the school choirs in the area.  There are activities for the children as well.

Santa arrived by Fire Truck

Santa arrives by Adams County Fire Department fire trucks.  The firemen assist Santa with his arrival so the reindeer are able to rest for Christmas Eve.  


2018 WinterFest2018 Winter FestSanta is delivered to Winter Fest by the Adams County Fire Department in Commerce City


The choirs from the various schools around provide wonderful music for families to enjoy.  Breakfast was a tasty pancake on a stick with a surprise sausage in the middle.  Adams City High School hosts the event in their building and it is decorated like a children's wonderland. 

The Mayor and many of the folks on City Council stop by to say "Hello" to Santa and the children.  You may even see them helping the children with the activities provided.  Adams 14 Education Foundation provides a scholarship for the winner of the gingerbread house activity.  What a wonderful exciting day for the children as we user in the holidays for all. 

2018 Winter Fest photosWinter Fest PhotosSanta visits with children and families at Winter Fest 2018 Winter Fest photosWinter Fest PhotosSanta visits with children and families at Winter Fest


(Elemintal Photography) Adams City High School Business City Commerce Elemintal Photography photos Professionals" South Adams County Fire Department https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/2/winter-fest-a-success-for-commerce-city Tue, 05 Feb 2019 17:58:59 GMT
South Adams County Fire Honorees https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/2/south-adams-county-fire-honors 2018_SACFD_Retirement event2018 South Adams County Fire StationSouth Adams County Fire Station hosts event to honor retirees from their board.

South Adams County Fire Event was held for swearing in new board members and a retirement party for those retiring. Elemintal Photography was asked to help commemorate the event by taking photographs the activities of the evening.  The meeting began with the fire fighters own team of color guard in a flag recognition ceremony.  Next, the new board members were first sworn in with great pomp and circumstance durning their regular meeting.  One of the new members was not actually able to make it.  Debra was able to phone in and say a few words about coming on the board.  Debra also congratulated the gentlemen retiring.  The board discussed old and new business in a short meeting and then the meeting was dismissed for the outdoor portion.

South Adams County Fire Event Honors Two Retirees

The outdoor portion of the evening began with bag pipes and a fire fighters standing at attention.  Two fire trucks that were not is service also brought in to decorate the event.  Elemintal Photography was able to capture some great photos of their event and the special touches added for such an event.

The honorees were actually two firefighters for the district that had retired.  They decided they could continue to help out their community by continuing on the board.  Their vast knowledge and experience was a great help to the district.  Each of them were given an opportunity to say something and they were each given a beautiful brass fire station bell.  The retirees were also recognized by the fire fighter union.

At the of the event people gathered for food, drink and a special cake created in their honor.  It was a wonderful evening and all those attending enjoyed the opportunity to visit and thank the gentlemen for their service to the community.



(Elemintal Photography) Commerce_City Elemintal_Photography fire_fighters photographs Retirement_Event South_Adams_County_Fire_Department https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/2/south-adams-county-fire-honors Tue, 05 Feb 2019 17:28:24 GMT
Adams 14er Fest Silent Auction https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/1/adams-14er-fest-silent-auction Each year Adams 14 Education Foundation hosts a dinner where they award graduating seniors with scholarship for higher education.  This year, the evening started out with a silent auction where there were many baskets full of items for guests to bid on.  There was a lot of excitement as the bidding began and guests worked to outbid others.  Dinner began but many guests would hop up periodically to check on their bids.  The silent auction was very successful with all the items being bid on and going home with some winning guests.

2018 14er fest2018 14er fest, Adams 14 Education Foundation2018 14er fest, Adams 14 Education Foundation


Donors of scholarship dollars announce on stage the winner or winners of the funds they had donated.  They winners received a certificate to note the funds awarded. A live auction was held about mid way through the program which was also a great fund raising success.


2018 14er Fest2018 14er Fest Scholarship Recipients2018 14er Fest Scholarship Recipients


The last of the scholarship recipients received their awards. Photographs of all the students as well another photo of the students and their counselors at the end of the evening.  The evening was another great success.  Thank you to all you donated as well as those that came and participated.  It means a lot to the students in the school district of Adams 14.  The students know that others do care and want them to succeed and to be successful in their futures.  I am sure we will see many of these scholarship recipients giving back to their community in the future.


2018 14er Fest Scholarship Awards Dinner2018 14er Fest Scholarship Dinner2018 14er Fest Scholarship Dinner


(Elemintal Photography) Adams_14_Education_Foundation Commerce_City Education Elemintal_Photography Photograph https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/1/adams-14er-fest-silent-auction Tue, 29 Jan 2019 20:48:05 GMT
Leadership Commerce City Graduation https://www.elemintalphotography.com/blog/2019/1/leadership-commerce-city-graduation Leadership Commerce City Graduation 

Leadership Commerce City Graduation was held on June 22, 2018.  The event was held at the Rapids Soccer Field.  This is the third group of people to graduate from this event.  Leaders in the community apply to become at part of the class.  Each month the class meets and learns about various part of the Commerce City community.  It is the hope of Dale Mingilton the director of Leadership Commerce City that some of the graduates will learn more about their community and be able to take on bigger roles.  So many boards are looking for good qualified individuals that know about the community to step up.  In a world of computers and technology and with so many issues demanding out time, it makes it hard for people to want to commit.  On the other hand, it is also difficult for those that do want to help to really know where they are needed.  This program helps with that.  Class participants go around to the various areas in the community and learn more about them.  They can then decide where they can be most helpful with their skills.


6_18LCCClassGrad2018 Leadership Commerce City Grad2018 Leadership Commerce City Graduate


Leadership Commerce City Graduation ends a great success

The graduates came along with a guest to the event.  Breakfast was served.  Brian from the Denver Botanic Gardens came and gave a very inspirational speech to the class about leadership.  Each of the graduates then received their book from the year at class with their notes and information.  Elemintal Photography took a photograph of each of the graduates along with the plaque they were also given.  Friendships were made and bonds created from this year of learning and I think each class member enjoyed the opportunity to participate.  Each graduate learned a little more about their community than they knew before.  It was another great day in Commerce City.


62018LCCGradClass2018 Leadership Commerce City Graduating Class2018 Leadership Commerce City Graduating Class


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Elemintal Photography is always pleased to be selected by the Aurora Chamber to photograph their Annual Awards Dinner Event.  We have been members of the Aurora Chamber since opening the doors of Elemintal Photography in 2001.  We are often asked to photograph their special events and one of our favorite is the annual dinner.  The theme was "All that Jazz," and it made our job of photographing guests very fun and easy.   The attire was from the era of "Great Gatsby" and the roaring twenties.  The guests really liked the theme and there were many that participated.  There were zoot suits and flapper dresses.  Accessories were also very popular.  You can also see long cigarettes, pearls, jewels, stoles and other accessories.  Spectator shoes were popular with the men and women were wearing feathers and jeweled headbands and hair pieces.


3-18AwardsDinner23-18Aurora Chamber Awards DinnerAurora Chamber Awards Dinner-All That Jazz Guests


It is a fun time as many old friends in the community have a chance to re-connect.  The Aurora Chamber has great staff to plan and prepare for this event.  Elemintal Photography is always honored to be involved.  Cheers!


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