Firstbank Hosts Adams 14 Scholars

August 06, 2019

As a new school year is about to begin, Adams 14 Education Foundation is once again hosting a dinner for the school district's scholarship recipients.  Twice a year, the Foundation plans a dinner to support students and to offer additional training skills to equip them to be better prepared for their future.  The dinner this time was hosted by Firstbank in their corporate offices and Elemintal Photography was once again invited to take photographs.  They brought in catering company called Konjo which served Ethiopian Food.  The meal consisted of salad, a chicken dish, lentils and a vegetarian cabbage dish.  The food is traditional eaten with a flat spongy style bread.  The bread is torn into pieces and used to pick up the food from your plate.  This is also a part of the experience as we hope the students are exposed to difference experiences in their dining as well.  We enjoyed the view from the fourth floor which consisted of a patio and a beautiful lunch room.

2019ScholarDinner122019ScholarDinner12View from the Firstbank Corporate Office 2019ScholarDinner122019ScholarDinner12View from the Firstbank Corporate Office


Once everyone had completed their dinner, we proceeded into their board room.  The scholars learned more about Firstbank and its history.  They were also given information on banking, saving and loans.

Brian Sowl spoke next from Nelnut spoke to scholars about student loans.  Nelnet is the largest student loan servicer in the world.  It is a company based in Aurora, Colorado.  Thomas spoke about the history of Nelnet and how they had to reinvent their company when the government changed the way student loans were created.  The company also has several other projects that diversify Nelnet and their work.

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It was another successful event for the students of Adams 14 school district.   The Adams 14 Education Foundation has more need than ever to have us help them educate tomorrow's talent.  To learn more about the efforts of the foundation, please click on this link. Adams 14 Education Foundation.