Leadership Commerce City Graduation

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Leadership Commerce City Graduation 

Leadership Commerce City Graduation was held on June 22, 2018.  The event was held at the Rapids Soccer Field.  This is the third group of people to graduate from this event.  Leaders in the community apply to become at part of the class.  Each month the class meets and learns about various part of the Commerce City community.  It is the hope of Dale Mingilton the director of Leadership Commerce City that some of the graduates will learn more about their community and be able to take on bigger roles.  So many boards are looking for good qualified individuals that know about the community to step up.  In a world of computers and technology and with so many issues demanding out time, it makes it hard for people to want to commit.  On the other hand, it is also difficult for those that do want to help to really know where they are needed.  This program helps with that.  Class participants go around to the various areas in the community and learn more about them.  They can then decide where they can be most helpful with their skills.


6_18LCCClassGrad2018 Leadership Commerce City Grad2018 Leadership Commerce City Graduate


Leadership Commerce City Graduation ends a great success

The graduates came along with a guest to the event.  Breakfast was served.  Brian from the Denver Botanic Gardens came and gave a very inspirational speech to the class about leadership.  Each of the graduates then received their book from the year at class with their notes and information.  Elemintal Photography took a photograph of each of the graduates along with the plaque they were also given.  Friendships were made and bonds created from this year of learning and I think each class member enjoyed the opportunity to participate.  Each graduate learned a little more about their community than they knew before.  It was another great day in Commerce City.


62018LCCGradClass2018 Leadership Commerce City Graduating Class2018 Leadership Commerce City Graduating Class



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